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We live in the South East of England and the Mountain Bike riding is good, but not good enough to prevent me from using most of my Holiday time to go other countries looking for quality singletrack MTB trails.

My personal favorite location for mountain biking is the USA, I have mountain biked in the following US states Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New England, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington and Utah.

All of the places I have visited have been great, although my favorite biking state so far is still Colorado. The type of riding we prefer is long XC mountain bike trails with plenty of quality singletrack and amazing views.

As we live in an area devoid of big drop offs , Gnarly Downhill and North Shore. We tend to avoid riding stuff like that whilst on Holiday as we don't have the skills for it.

My Top four favorite trail rides so far are

1) Monarch Crest Trail (Colorado)

2) Ape Canyon -> Plains of Abraham -> Windy Ridge (Washington)

3) Tayx Basin to Lick Creek (Chilcotin's, Canada)

4) SandCanyon (Cortez)

You can click on any picture for an enlarged image. All Videos on site are .AVI files (Mostly Divx format)

You can email me for my Garmin track logs for rides I've done - if you have something you can offer in return i.e. tracklogs for places I've not visited, offers to show me your local trails etc

If you like the site please sign the Guest Register or drop me an email inviting me to come and ride your great trails 8-)



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