Arizona 2005 - Day 15 - Phoenix


Woke up and had breakfast at Hotel, and then started to finish my packing. But I ran into technical difficulties taking my bike apart , when I was in Sedona earlier on in the holiday one of cranks had come loose, I'd re tightened the cranks but the screw in bolt for holding the cranks onto the bottom bracket had become seized up and i was unable to undo it using my hand tool, hence I could not take my cranks off which i always do when packing my bike up.

Luckily I was able to extend my checkout time at the front desk and I then dashed off to the Performance bikes shop i'd been to before, and they were able to get the bolt undone for me - and they did it straight away for me and didn't even charge me for the work.

Got back to the Hotel and finished my packing, I then killed time by going shopping at the Arizona Mills shopping center which is close to the airport.

Then i drove to the airport and parked in the short term car parking area, and checked in 3 hours before the flight was due to leave. I almost got charged excess baggage on my bike bag - as they insisted on weighing it unlike when I left England. But i was able to get the back to rest on the edge of their scale and it weighed in OK. Check in only took me 10 minutes though, a new record for me.

I then drove the suv back to the car rental site and then got the rental bus back to the airport. And went through airport security and waited to board the plane which left on time.


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