Arizona 2005 - Day 3 - Flagstaff - Mt Elden

Lower Oldham / Rocky Ridge / Schultz Creek / Fort Valley MTB trails


Had breakfast at the La-Qunita inn, and then enquired about making another booking with them for when I came back from Flagstaff, they did have availability so I booked up my room again for when I returned. Then I packed up all my stuff in the 4x4 and headed out to drive to Flagstaff.

On the way I stopped at Performance Bikes and bought some tyres , tubes and other goodies at prices much lower than in the UK.

I then drove 160 miles up the I17 to Flagstaff, and checked in to a Fairfield Inn which I'd booked into the night before on the internet. Room was on the third floor with a very comfortable King Size bed and free High Speed Internet, and best of all you couldnt hear the railway line.

I rang up Dan and arranged to meet him at his place, and drove over to his place we then rode straight from his place through Buffalo Park , Up Lower Oldham trail, then down the rocky ridge trail, then up Schultz Creek trail until we turned off onto the Fort Valley trail system. As it was late and there was a danger of it getting dark I didn't get a chance to take many pictures on this ride. But the trails were great a mix of single and doubletrack with smooth and rocky sections. Dan knew most of the trails like the back of his own hand especially since he had run trail crews in Flagstaff over the years to maintain and make quite a few of the trails we were riding on.

Fort Valley MTB trail system - Click for Large View The Trails were bone dry and in great shape, towards dusk it started to get very cold, by the time we got back to Dan's we had ridden 25 miles and my hands and feet were numb with cold. Fort Valley MTB trail system - Click for Large View

I Had a pretty good meal with Dan at a Mexican resturant a few blocks north on Milton road later that evening.

As I knew i'd be staying several days in Flagstaff I surfed the web and ordered Garmin City Select North America from Amazon to go with my Garmin GPS 65c for delivery to the Hotel, as I was tired of getting lost when driving along on my own. Its great buying stuff on line in America as when you order from out of state you don't have to pay any tax's - hence its almost always cheaper than buying from bricks and mortar shops.