Arizona 2005 - Day 6 - Flagstaff - Mt Elden

Rocky Ridge / Lower Brookbank / Jedi / Sunset trail / Schultz Creek mountain Bike ride.


I had said to Dan the day before that I was going to have a day off biking to let my legs recover, but when I woke up and saw the gorgeous blue sky's I knew I had to go biking.

I decided to ride solo and take things easy to let my legs recover without slowing Dan down.

I drove to the trail head at the start of Schultz Creek Trail at Mt Elden

Rocky Ridge MTB Trail - Click for large image

Bike on the Rocky Ridge Trail

From the trail head I rode off up the Rocky Ridge Trail, a fun single track trail with plenty of ups and downs gradually heading up the mountain all of which was rideable (unlike when I last visited flagstaff 7 years ago), until I came to the Elden Lookout road which i joined and cycled up.

Rocky Ridge MTB Trail - Click for large image

View from Rocky Ridge Trail

When I came to the Lower Brookbank trail I turned left onto it and rode up it, it was a quite steep and aerobically challenging trail but I managed to clear the whole trail only stopping once to chat with 2 women who were pushing their bikes up the trail. At the top of the trail I met two locals also out biking and they suggested I should try the Jedi trail next

Brookbank MTB trail

Start of Brookbank Trail

Jedi MTB trail - Click for large image

Aspen on Jedi Trail

After crossing the dry lake meadow I found the Jedi trail, But I did find the force was lacking in me, as i had to hike-a-bike in a couple of spots. The trail was great fun though with features such as log piles over big fallen trees to ride over, and a very steep technical down hill section. Eventually I ended up down at the Schultz Creek trail.

Sunset MTB trail - Click for large image

Snow on Sunset Trail

I then rode up the Sunset trail, the trail was very badly rutted compared to the last time I rode it several years back, I rode to the point when the Upper Brookbank trail connected, and then as it was getting very cold and I was tired I decided to head back down the Sunset trail, which was fast and fun even with the ruts, I then connected with the Schultz creek trail and had fun Blasting back down the trail to the SUV.

Sunset MTB trail - Click for large image

Trees view from Sunset Trail

When I got back to Hotel found my order from Amazon had arrived, loaded this up on my computer and programmed my GPS with arizona maps. Then I went back to the Mexican restaurant down the road again for some grub.