Arizona 2005 - Day 7 - Sedona

(Bell Rock / Little Horse / Submarine rock / Broken arrow / llama / templeton /baldwin) Sedona mountain bike trails

Picked up Dan and we drove 30 miles down HW89A to Sedona, it was a cold and overcast day. We parked up in the village of Oak Creek and rode up the road to the Bell rock car park. We did a couple of circuits of the big park loops, which were great fun- smooth and fast. Then we rode up between Bell rock and Courthouse rock to see UFO Rock. We then rode back to the bell rock path

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UFO rock

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Bell rock

We rode along the Bell rock path, until we arrived at the turn for the Little Horse Trail

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Courthouse Butte from Bell rock path

We rode up the Little horse trail, and up to Chicken point, the trail was great singletrack with only one un-rideable section of steep rock on the way up, I commented on this and Dan said he had seen people ride up it, and he had also managed to ride down it earlier in the year.

Little Horse Trail  MTB trail - Click for large image

Little Horse MTB Trail

Submarine rock MTB - Click for large image

On Submarine Rock

From Chicken point we dropped down the jeep trail to Submarine rock where we rode around on the slick rock, before dropping off on the east side onto a great section of unmarked singletrack, which took us down to the start of the Broken Arrow trail.

Broken Arrow MTB Trail - Click for large image

Broken Arrow MTB Trail

We then rode up the Broken Arrow trail, a fairly challenging singletrack trail, and back to Chicken Point.

Broken Arrow MTB Trail - Click for large image

Broken Arrow MTB Trail

At was at this point in our ride where disaster struck, Dan headed off in front to ride down the very steep section of rock i'd commented on earlier. I began to start after him when i heard an almighty cry of pain. Dropping my bike i ran down the trail and found Dan in a heap on the ground clutching his leg. Apparently he had made it down the steep section but had lost it at the bottom and had ended up doing an endo which he almost recovered from but after going for 5 meters on his front wheel he had lost it , and planted his feet on the ground, unfortunately his bikes frame had then slammed round into the back of his hamstring.

Luckily Dan had not broken anything, and all he had damaged on his bike was some clips for his cycle computer. But although his leg was really hurting he was able to get back on his bike and limp along.

Llama MTB trail - Click for large image

Llama Trail

We carried on down Little horse until we came to the Llama Trail, which Dan insisted we should ride ragther than going back teh way we came. So we went along the Llama trail which was a very good tight single track trail. Eventually we ended up back on the Bell rock path.

At this point Dan headed back off down the Bell Rock trail to the suv, as his leg was still hurting badly and I carried on over to Cathedral rock

Cathedral Rock  - Click for large image

Cathedral Rock

Rode along the Templeton trail, along the bottom of Cathedral rock, passing Buddah beach, and then took the Baldwin Trail, the baldwin trail was a great singletrack trail, and i was able to find extra singletrack from the top of the trail which cut out a large section of the Verde valley school road. Eventually I joined the road and cycled back to the SUV and Dan.

Buddah beach- Click for large image

Vortex Beach


We then drove back to flagstaff, I dropped Dan off and then went for a swim at the Flagstaff Athletic Club near my Hotel, and then headed over to and Outback Steak House at 2600 E Lucky LN, where i had a huge rack of ribs, as always the food and service at the Outback was great.

This was the one night where it actually rained a little,the rain was coming down as snow on the mountains peaks.