Arizona 2005 - Day 8 - Sedona Mountain biking

Huckaby Trail / Jordan Trail / secret trails / Big Park Loops Mountain bike ride


Had another great breakfast at the Fairfield Inn then packed up, took some photos of the outside of the hotel and then checked out.

I drove down to Sedona along the 89A and found a parking spot at the bottom of Schebly Hill Road.

It was a much warmer day than previous day with hardly a cloud in the sky.


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On the road to Sedona

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View from Huckaby Trail Head

I rode up Schebly Hill Road to the Huckaby Trail car park, and started to ride along the trail
The Huckaby Trail was a great winding single track trail which wound its way down to Oak creek, and then up again to Midgley Bridge.
The creek level was very low so crossing the creek was easy, but then I couldn't find the right way up to the bridge, Ray's directions were quite vague, after heading up and down the river and under the bridge I eventually tried getting up to the bridge via a vague path going straight up, I ended up scrambling up until I ended up at a cliff face I contoured along the cliff both ways, getting scratched all over until i came across the real path up river - I should have gone a lot further up river to start off with and then i would have found a wide track up to the bridge.

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Red Dirt I love it !!

When i got up to the bridge I crossed the road and joined onto the Jim Thompson trail, a fairly wide track with good views until I connected with the Jordan Trail and the secret trails area. It was here that my bike was affected by the Sedona vortex's and my cranks became loose, something that had never happened to them before. I Managed to get the cranks tightened up again, and then did some great singletrack riding in this area with skinny singletrack and slick rock sections, then I rode past the seven sacred pools and finally connected onto the soldier pass road and headed back to the SUV.

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Secret Trails Area


As it was still light I decided to head over to Bell Rock and ride the Big Park Loops again, as they so much fun. Did 4 fast loops around and them.

Rode back up to UFO rock again, and around Bell Rock, and then rode back along Bell rock path way to the SUV.

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UFO Rock

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Courthouse Butte

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Cathedral Rock


Got changed at SUV and then drove back along the HW179 and then down the I17 stopped half way along the I17 and had chili fry's and a malt at a Dairy Queen. I then drove back to the La Quinta inn at Scottsdale. Checked in and had a a swim and Hot Tub then hit the sack.