Day 11 - Lake Tahoe - Tahoe Meadows -> Flume Trail MTB Ride

Click to Enlarge We got up and had a wander along side the lake shore, then had breakfast at the Hotel. I then rang up Flume Trail Shuttle services to book a shuttle up to Tahoe Meadows Rim Trail. Which cost us $15 each. We drove to the Spooner Lake Day use area and caught the 9:30 AM shuttle from there. Click to Enlarge
Tahoe Meadows MTB Ride The trail started off by going down through an alpine meadow on fairly narrow singletrack, and then headed into the woods, on a trail made up of granite slabs, and decomposed granite sand. Tahoe Meadows MTB Ride
Tahoe Meadows MTB Ride The trail was great , winding along through big boulders and there were great views of the Lake. Tahoe Meadows MTB Ride
Tahoe Meadows MTB Ride Eventually after many miles of fine singletrack we came to a section of the trail where you could see Martlette Lake and Lake Tahoe Tahoe Meadows MTB Ride
The Trail then dropped down with quite a few switch backs, then climbed up again, until we came to Hobart Road, a fire road which dropped down to Martlette Lake. We then road along side the lake to connect onto the Flume Trail. The Flume trail it self was a bit of an anti-climax compared to the ride down from Mt Rose, the trail was way too easy with no technical sections at all. But it did have one redeeming feature and that was the spectacular views 8-). Flume Trail MTb Ride
Flume Trail MTb Ride Flume Trail MTb Ride Flume Trail MTb Ride
At the end of the trail we connected onto the Tunnel Creek Trail a dirt road which headed steeply down hill, with several sandy sections waiting to catch you unawares and throw you off, and then caught the shuttle back to spooner Lake. All in all we had a great ride covering about 25 miles Flume Trail MTb Ride

We then headed back to the Hotel and got cleaned up and then headed over to the Beacon Grill & Bar at Camp Richardson

Where we sat outside and had a fantastic meal with great view's out over Lake Tahoe, as the sun set.

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