Day 12 - Lake Tahoe - Mr Toads Wild MTB Ride & Angora Lake Hike


We had a look at other rides to do and I decided I'd like to ride Mr Toads Wild ride, but my wife thought it sounded to difficult for her so she shuttled me to the start of the ride at the Big Meadow Trail head. As I was riding on my own I didn't bother taking any photos, and I wanted to get back down quickly so my wife didn't have to hang around too long.

The start of the ride was an enjoyable singletrack trail which headed up hill, until it came to the downhill section alongside saxon creek. In places the trail was fun , but a lot of it was very eroded and covered in a thick layer of loose dust and sand, and as I was riding solo I did hike a bike on some of the sections rather than come off and hurt my self all alone in the woods.

As i got down towards the bottom of the trail i spotted some very narrow singletrack splitting off the trail which i headed off on, and found some of the best singletrack i had encountered in the Tahoe area, fast flowing very tight trails among the woods, no doubt I was poaching the locals secret singletrack - but it was all great.

Finally I met up with my wife and we then drove up to the start of the Angora ridge road.

My wife then ran up the road towards Angora Lake and I rode up the road, which although paved was quite tough as it headed up fairly steeply, eventually the road went steeply down, and turned into a dirt path which headed up to Angora Lake. At the lake I locked my bike up with the free padlocks available there and we then had a paddle in the lake.

Angora Lake As my wife still had big holes in her knees from the crash in Downieville she could not go for a swim but I did. And although the water was quite cold it was fun and very refreshing to splash around in the lake. Angora Lake
We then headed back to the SUV, on the way back down I spotted some singletrack heading off to the right hand side of the road which I went off on, and the trail was great nice fast tight singletrack, eventually it threw me out amongst a bunch of houses, and I then rode back to the SUV Angora Lake

We then headed back to the hotel and got cleaned up and went out for a meal at Rojo's which our guide back said was good - but it turned out not to be such a good place to eat.

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