Day 13 - Lake Tahoe swimming & Hiking

lake Tahoe We decided to drive clock wise around the whole of lake Tahoe today, our first stop was at Emerald Bay, we parked up on the highway and hiked down to the bay itself, and had a paddle. I had wanted to jump off the pier but the water levels were too low to do that, so we then headed back up to the car and carried on driving round the lake. lake Tahoe
lake Tahoe We arrived at the Hidden beach area at around 14:00 and decided to go for a swim, the water was crystal clear but very very cold. There were loads of little fish, and cray fish lurking around the rocks. lake Tahoe
When we were too cold to stay in the water any longer , we headed back to the car and drove further along the road and stopped near Secret Cove (A clothes optional beach). lake Tahoe
lake Tahoe We then had a great little hike along the beach to Secret Harbor, clambering over the large boulders scattered along side the lake, It was very windy and quite cold , we headed back up through the woods to the suv. lake Tahoe
We then headed back to the Beacon Grill & Bar again and had another great meal and sunset. Click to Enlarge

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