Day 15 - Mammoth Mountain MTB rides

We drove up to Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort and bought two all day lift tickets for the mountain at $28 each, using discount coupons from the condo. It was a sunny day with gusty bursts of wind at the bottom of the mountain. Use the link above to get a PDF map of the park park. Mammoth Mountain
Mammoth Mountain MTB We caught the cable car all the way up to the Panorama lookout at 11,053 feet, as we went up in the gondola was swaying all over the place in the gusty wind. Mammoth Mountain MTB
Mammoth Mountain MTB When we arrived at the top as you can see in the picture it was very cold. We decided to head off down the trail Off the Top. Mammoth Mountain MTB
Off the Top MTB trail It was extremely windy as we came down this trail, so much so that you had to lean your bike right over into the wind so as not to get blown off. The trail it self was made up of cinder, but asides from some loose corner was a good surface to ride on. Off the Top MTB trail
Off the Top MTB trail We had to stop part of the way down Off the Top, as my Wife's hands were so cold she had to stuff them in side my jacket under my arm pits to warm them up again 8-). Off the Top MTB trail
Off the Top MTB trail Eventually we dropped back down into the woods, and I had my first bike crash of the holiday as i took a drop off too slowly and went over the bars, luckily i didn't hurt myself as I just slide on the loose pumice. Off the Top MTB trail
Beach Cruiser trail We then joined onto the Beach Cruiser trail, a fun singletrack trail heading back round the the front of the mountain, which eventually took us all the way back down to where we started our ride. We then got ourselves a couple of large Hot Chocolates from one of the mountain restaurants.
Brake Through MTB trail Next we caught the cable car again, but this time stopped at McCoy station and rode the Brake Through trail - great single track trail going up and down along to the seven bridges trail, which funnily enough crossed seven bridges, and then we rode up Up Town trail back to the lift stations. The trails were all great fun to ride with plenty of variety and were all as fast as you wanted to make them. Brake Through MTB trail

For our next ride we caught the lift to McCoy Station again, and rode Brake Though , then connected onto Lincoln Express which went up to Skid Marks, which was a great trail with loads of tight switch backs, we then headed down on to Paper Route a mellow track through the woods and then back up Uptown, My wife managed to fall off on Uptown on a sticky out root, but luckily her new kneepads saved her from getting any more cuts.

As my wife had had enough riding for the day, so I borrowed her pads and caught the lift all the way up to Panorama lookout again, it was still windy up there but not as cold and all the ice had melted. I then flew off down Off the Top, and rode down Beach Cruiser again , then went off down Mountain view which was very nice singletrack trail, with great mountain views. I then headed back along Beach Cruiser. moth Mountain MTB
moth Mountain MTB There was still time for one last ride, but not enough time to get to the 2nd station, so I headed up to McCoy again and this time rode Brake Through, Paper Route, Big Ring all the way to mountain village, but I managed to cut a puncture on the pavement !!, by the time i'd fixed the puncture I had missed the last bus shuttle back to the bike park. So I then rode up Uptown Town to the Bike Park, as I rode up the trail I though I saw my wife drive past, but I could not be certain so I carried on to the top, to find she had gone. So I then rode back down down town and back to the condo. In total I rode about 50 miles that day and not all of it was down hill. moth Mountain MTB

We then had a swim and hot tub and then went into Mammoth Lakes and had a mexican meal at Roberto's, which was ok but nothing to write home about.

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