Day 17 - Mammoth Lakes (MTB Uptown ->Mountain View ->Hard Core -> Down Town & Rock Creek MTB Trail)

Mammoth Mountain view MTB trail On this day we decided to ride the Triple Trail ride going up Uptown, then Mountain View and Finally the Hard Core Trail. We took Up Town a nice single track trail which gradually climbs up to the Bike park, up to the crossing point for the Mountain view trail. The Mountain view trail had some good sections of singletrack but was mostly wide double track in the trees, and the Hardcore trail was a Jeep Trail - But had spectacular views. Mammoth Mountain view MTB trail
Mammoth Mountain view MTB trail The Trail topped out at 11.000 feet and had really good 360 degree panoramic views. Mammoth Mountain view MTB trail
Mammoth Mountain view MTB trail The trails where much more fun heading back down, as gravity was on our side. rather than the up hill struggle we had on the way up sucking in the thin air. Mammoth Mountain view MTB trail
When we finished the ride we went back to the condo and had cold pizza, and then we drove over to the Lower Rock Creek Trail down highway 395 from Mammoth Lakes. Mammoth down town MTB trail
Rock Creek MTB Trail My wife dropped me off at the top the trail and I scooted off down it, the trail was great nice and narrow, following the course of the creek bed , in between canyon walls which got higher and higher. With some nice technical sections thrown in but nothing too hairy. Rock Creek MTB Trail
The trail was a hoot great fun, and one of the best trails I had ridden on this vacation. If we had had more time, I would have ridden back up it, but as my wife was waiting for me this wouldn't have been fair so we then drove back to Mammoth lakes. Rock Creek MTB Trail
Click to Enlarge We has a walk around the lakes, but it was very cold and windy so we did not hang around too long. So we headed back to the condo had a swim and hot tub and then had a great meal at the Whiskey Grill. Click to Enlarge

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