California Autumn 2005 - Day 3 - San Francisco



We decided to go shopping and sight seeing in San Francisco on this day, we drove along the 101 to San Francisco and across the Golden gate bridge (You have to pay a $5 toll to go south across the bridge).

We then went shopping at a REI and a Performance Bikes shop buying stacks of power bars, tyres and other bits and bobs at prices much cheaper than in the UK.

We then drove down to the piers and found car parking which was $11 for a day's parking.

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The rather large Ford Expedition

Click to Enlarge We then walked up a lot of steps to the Coit tower, and from there we walked over to China Town.

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We wandered around China town seeing all the different kinds of shops, and sampled Chinese foods such as chai su buns, and chinese cookies before having a Chinese meal at a restaurant my wife's food was great she had won ton noodle soup, but i had some rather dodgy duck which the locals all seemed to like but was too fatty for my taste. We then walked along the route of the Powell-Hyde cable car route , as it was quicker to walk than wait for the cable car to arrive. Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge Eventually we arrived at Lombard street, the famous switch back road, which we walked down, and then we headed back towards the piers. We stopped at a Johnny Rockets and had one of my favorite drinks a Strawberry Malt and then we walked over to fisherman's wharf. Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge We stopped are saw the Sea Lions on Pier 39, and then headed back to the SUV. We then drove back towards the Golden Gate Bridge and went shopping at a great Store located at the Presidio called the Sports Basement - the shop was in an old supermarket as was filled with loads of cut price outdoor and indoor sports gear, we bought quite a bit of stuff here including cheap running shoes, and clothes and cycling kit.
Click to Enlarge We then walked around Crissey Field and saw various wild birds including Pelicans, and took more pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge We then drove back across the Golden gate bridge, and stopped to take even more photos. As you do when on holiday. Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge Then we drove back to the Hotel and hit the sack. Click to Enlarge