Day 5 - Point Reyes, Drake Beach & Muir woods hikes


As our previous days ride had been quite long and my wife's knee was quite sore after her crash we decided to go sight seeing at Point Reyes

Point Reyes It was a sunny day, with quite a strong cold wind blowing. We drove down to Point Reyes Lighthouse car lot then walked down to the Lighthouse. Point Reyes
Next we drove down to point Reyes beach, as it was very windy there we decided to try another beach that may be more sheltered. Point Reyes
Drake Beach We then drove over to Drake Beach and had a long walk along side the sea, doing some bird watching.
Steep Ravine trail hike Next we drove to the Pantoll ranger station near Muir woods. To hike down the Steep Ravine trail a great trail which headed down a ravine full of big old trees. Steep Ravine trail hike
This is where I had my first accident of the holiday, running down a steep section of the trail I tripped over and flew forwards on to my front. Unfortunately I ripped a section of skin off my palm as can be seen in the picture. Even worse my Oakley Juliet sun glasses had a big chip in them - I suppose it could have been worse though as I still had them on which meant they had stopped something hitting my eye. Steep Ravine trail hike
Steep Ravine trail hike Asides from when I fell over on the trail. The trail was great fun to hike, as it headed steeply down in a lush ravine, when we reached the bottom we then hiked up the Dipsea trail, and eventually got back to the ranger station. Steep Ravine trail hike

We then headed back to the Hotel and got cleaned up and patched up my hand, then headed to an Outback restaurant at Sausalito and had a great meal there, best so far on the Holiday.