California Autumn 2005 - Day 6 - China Camp MTB ride

We rode to China Camp State park from our Hotel riding along North San Pedro road, until we came to the campground entrance. We then rode up the Bay view trail a nice easy single track trail which switch backed up the hills. We then connected onto Bay Hills dr and past the Nike Radar site, and then rode along the Ridge Fire trail and back onto the bay view trail, then along the Oak Ridge trail, and finally along then along the Shoreline trail to the start of the ride covering about 16 miles. China Camp MTB Ride
While none of the trails were very technical, the trails were still fun to ride around on, and you had to be careful taking the corners at speed due to thick layers of dust and small rocks in places. na Camp MTB Ride
Click to Enlarge We then rode back to the hotel and decided to go trail running around Muir Woods. We parked up at the Mountain Home Inn parking lot above Muir woods and ran along the Panoramic trail, then steeply down the lost trail, then the ocean view trail - this trail was great very narrow with huge trees, switchbacks and lots of little jumps, until we arrived at Muir Woods, we then ran through the massive redwood trees along the hill side trail, then up the Ben Johnson trail, then up again on the stapleveldt trail. Unfortunately as we ran along the TCC trail i managed to fall over again, and ended up sliding along on my front and almost went off the edge of the trail and down the hillside. Also i'd managed to hurt my hand where i'd injured it previously even more !!. After rinsing off my hand with our drinking water we carried on until we came to the Troop 80 trail which we found was closed, so we had to head up to the Panoramic highway and run along that until we reached the sierra trail which we headed down and then ran up the old Alice wood east trail and then on the panoramic trail and back to the SUV.

We then headed back to the Hotel and got cleaned up, then we drove to Tiburon and had a Mexican meal at Guaymas Restaurant, the meal was really good and we had great views of San Francisco and Angel Island from the restaurant.