California Autumn 2005 - Day 9 - Sacramento


As my wife was feeling quite battered after her crash the day before we decided to take a day off from biking, and drove to Sacramento to do some shopping.

We went to several bike shops looking for some body armour for my wife to protect her from further injury to her legs, but found that all the leg armour was far too bulky for riding cross country. But we eventually found some light weight Fox Ventilator knee guards and some Fox elbow pads that fitted ok and were not too bulky.

We then went shopping at some Big electrical super stores - Fry's Electronics and Best Buy, and bought various things much cheaper than we could have got it for in England.

Finally we had a look around the And went shopping at the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento., where my wife bought clothes etc

We then drove back along a more scenic route than we arrived by past Folsom lake

And finally when we got back to Auburn we had a slap up meal at BootLeggers in Old town Auburn

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