Taylor Basin

Canada Mountain Bike Trip - Autumn 2008


As we had never visited Canada before and I had read some good stuff on MTB riding in Canada, we decided to try a holiday to Canada towards the end of August 2008 as a change from MTB holidays in America.

There had been a number of reasons why we had not been to Canada before

1) Its not so easy to find out where the good XC trails are, as there is a bias to Free-ride, North Shore & Downhill , and hardly any up to date guide books for XC trails exist , unlike in the USA

2) Its not as cheap as the USA

3) There are loads of bears !!! - I ended up seeing 4 Grizzly bears, and 2 black bears while out on the bike !!!!

I booked up a direct flight to Calgary and a return flight from Vancouver with British Airways from London Heathrow, and booked up a SUV from Dollar (Alamo is cheapest for car rental but although I thought car rental would be like in the USA where you can leave booking your car to a couple of weeks before you fly - I found that almost all the car rental companies had sold out of SUV's so make sure you book well in advance)

Before we flew out I planned out a route that would take in some of the best XC mountain biking I had read about in Canada, Vancouver appears twice as I dropped my wife off at the end of the first 2 weeks before going off to solo ride for another week.

Canada 2008 Route


While we did ride some good trails and the scenery was fantastic we have had better cycling holidays in the USA, I'm putting this down to the us not finding enough buff rolling singletrack trails, and that you had to be shouting all the time to scare off bears while riding, which gets pretty tiresome after the hundredth time you've shouted and that almost every ride we did involved having to do quite a bit of hike a bike.

The best Epic scenic ride I did was the Taylor Basin ride which I did on Day 17, which I will definitely head back to Canada to do again.

The best singletrack ride I did was the big loop of Lost Lakes -> Cut your bars -> River Runs through it in Whistler on Day 21

The best fast downhill xc ride I did was Ring Creek Rip on Day 21

To read more about this holiday click on each day in the left pane, where we have recorded what I got up to on each day.

Each picture can be enlarged, and videos can be played by clicking on the small images. The videos are in DIVX format.

Note : The videos have not been edited and don't have any music sound tracks so you'll have to put up with me shouting to scare of bears or muttering to myself.