Day 1 : Flying from England to Canada (Calgary)


Our flight out to Calgary was from Heathrow Airport at 17:15 on Saturday, This meant I had time to go for a run in the morning before the taxi arrived to take us to the airport. Getting all our bags and the bikes in the Taxi was a bit of a squeeze but we at least Clare had a seat in the car this time.

We got to the airport ok and checked in to the flight BA0103 with no problems, and the flight departed on time.

Our flight to Calgary was on time and there was no turbulence ,we got to Calgary at 7pm , and picked up our bags and cleared immigration in 20 minutes much faster than we had ever got through an airport before - much more efficient than the USA.

We collected our SUV from Dollar, an orange Ford Edge and found that our voucher did not cover any excess if we had an accident so we opted to pay the extra charge. The Ford edge was nice and new but getting our stuff into it was a bit of squeeze compared to a normal SUV.

Map of route from Calgary to Canmore

We drove from Calgary to Canmore, via the Calgary suburbs which went on for a long time, we eventually connected onto the 1 and arrived at Canmore about about 9.30pm. We checked in at the Best Western Pocaterra Inn.  I got in touch with the local riders we were going to ride with on Sunday and then re-assembled our bikes and got to bed at about midnight.

I had pre-booked a ‘deluxe’ mountain view room with a balcony with a large bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and great view's from the bathroom and balcony. The room we had was on top floor at the back of the Hotel.

Best Western Pocaterra Inn

Here's some pictures I took of the room we had, we kept the bikes on the balconey.

Best Western Pocaterra Inn room living room Best Western Pocaterra Inn bedroom Best Western Pocaterra Inn LCD
  Best Western Pocaterra Inn Bathroom Best Western Pocaterra Inn Bathroom