Day 22: Drive from Whistler to Vancouver Airport then flight home to London

Inside of Condo Inside of Condo Inside of Condo
In the morning I packed up the rest of my stuff and then ran over to where Lee was staying and had a chat about Canadian trails and gave him my Bear spray and Bear bangs as I wouldn't be able to take them home on the Plane with me.
Inside of Condo Condo views Condo views

Asides from occasionally hearing people moving around above me and the hot tub being noisy at night until I worked out how to turn it off, the Condo I had stayed at had been pretty good. The Condo had a Bedroom, bathroom , living / Dining / Kitchen area and a big Plasma TV, as well as a handy washing machine.

Packing SUV

I Packed my stuff up in the car - which was a quite a long walk to the underground car park from the Condo, and then headed for Vancouver. The traffic wasn't too bad, but did get quite heavy as I headed into the suberbs of Vancouver, lots of vehicles were heading towards Whistler with bikes on as I drove along.

When I got to vancouver I went to a Costco and bought a few things which Clare had asked for , I then killed time by going to a large chinese Mall , before heading to the airport where I parked in the short term car parking and checked in, before dropping my SUV off at the on airport car rental depot.

Vacnouver from Airplane Vacnouver from Airplane Vacnouver from Airplane
Vacnouver from Airplane Vacnouver from Airplane Vacnouver from Airplane
The check in was uneventful, I was offered an upgrade to business class if I took a later flight, but as I didn't want to wake Clare up in England and she was going to pick me up from Heathrow so I declined the offer. The flight back was turbulence free and I managed to get a bit of sleep on the way back.

Canada 2008