Day 2 - Breckenridge
After a pretty good nights sleep we got up, looking at the window we could see that it was dry and sunny so we decided to go for a run before breakfast. Looking at a map we saw that Cherry Creek was only a few blocks away from the hotel. So we ran over to it. Click to Enlarge
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Click to Enlarge We ran up one side of the creek and back down the other side, there were nice parks on either side of the creek, and there was even an off road path at one point. We ran for about 45 minutes. At was great running in the snow as it was dry snow, unlike our wet snow in England. Click to Enlarge

Once we got back to the hotel we we got cleaned up and then had a good breakfast at the hotel.

Before we left the hotel I went on line and ordered a Garmin Etrex Vista CX GPS, A Garmin Forerunner GPS and some books from Amazon, all of which worked out to be half the price they would have been in the UK, I set the shipping address to the offices of Great Western Lodgings in Breckenridge. I've said it before , but i'll say it again buying stuff off the Internet in America is great as its cheaper than buying in shops and you dont have to pay any tax.

As we had no ski gear at all we decided to head over to American Ski & Golf at Aurora which a local had recommended to us, as being a good place to buy ski gear at good prices.

Clare had a very successful shop and got all her ski gear at the store, she bought ski pants, a ski jacket, socks, gloves, and goggles it was all much cheaper than back in England. I didnt find any gear I liked , so we headed over to the REI to see what they had, but suprisingly they had hardley any ski gear at all. So we drove on over to American Ski & Golf at Avarda where I bought ski pants, a ski jacket and gloves.

Click to Enlarge Having been successful with our shopping we then drove out of Denver along the I70. We were suprised at how little snow there was on the ground. We had been expecting much more snow. Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge The traffic was pretty light and we drove the 80 miles in 1.5 hrs. The traffic coming back into Denver by contrast was very heavy. We stopped off at at Great Western Lodging and picked up the directions and keys for our Condo which was at 405 River Bend. My cycle gear from primal wear was waiting for me when we arrived. Click to Enlarge
The condo had heated underground car parking , and a secure ski storage area. The condo itself had a seperate bathroom, a washroom, and then a living room, with a kitchen in the middle and then the bedroom. It was well decorated and comfortable, but it was quite stuff and hot. Rivesider bend was very handy for the Snowflake lift which ran just out our window. Click to Enlarge

Once we had unloaded our bags , we then drove into Breckenridge to collect our ski boots and skis from Blue River Sports. We had booked the deluxe recreation package, I had 160cm long skis and Clare had 136cm long skis. I'd pre-booked from them over the internet prior to us flying our and got a good rate on them combined with a discount for where we were staying.

We then returned to the Condo, and then walked into town , it was very cold and the ground was quite icy.

We made a BIG mistake in the place we went to eat , we ate at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Company - the food was average- and the shrimps which should have been hot were cold at the ends and only slightly warm. Other people we met on the holiday all commented that it wasnt a good place to eat - so avoid it and eat else where.

We then went back to the condo, and had a fairly restless night due to the dry stuff room, and the altitude.