Italy 2005 - Day 2 - VF Col Rosa / Cinque Torri

We decided to head over to Cortina and do the Via Ferratta Col Rosa, which I had done before the last time we visited Italy with a group from Colletts.

Click to enlarge We parked our car up on an old airfield, to start the hike to the VF at 10:30am , but found the river crossing had been washed away, so we had to drive down river to another bridge crossing. It was very humid and quite warm as we hiked up to the start of the VF. Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge After a long mostly uphill hike we reached the start of the VF at 12:15pm, at this point it started to rain lightly, but as we had hiked so far we thought we would give it a go anyway. Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge It started to rain even harder, and the rocks and cables became very slick, so we had to abort the VF, and then hike back to the car, as we got to the car it really started to rain hard, with thunder and lightning. Click to enlarge
We then drove back towards Arrabba, and stoped off at Cinque Torri and did a short hike in the area. Click to enlarge