Italy 2005 - Day 8 - Col Rosa

As the weather forecast was good for this day we decided to try doing Col Rosa again. We drove there via Cortina and when we got there we found that it was quite cloudy, but we decided to give it a go again anyway.

This VF is pretty easy to do with 300m of VF, but you do have to ascend 900m to get there, and also descend 900m.

Partway up the VF it did start to rain , but then it stopped and by the time we got to the top it was very sunny and warm.

We stopped and had lunch at the top of the VF, and explored the war time tunnels at the top before heading down the mountain.

As it was a very warm day we stopped at the river and cooled our feet in the river. Before heading back to the car. We then went into Cortina and had cold drinks and ice cream.