Day 1 - London -> Sequim (Washington State)
Mountain Bike Packing - Click to Enlarge

I packed the bikes up the weekend before we flew out, I always strip the bikes right down, and use a load of extra protective packaging , as well as a padded bike bag. So far this has paid off as our bikes have always made it through to the other side with no damage.

Mountain Bike Packing - Click to Enlarge

I had pre booked a taxi with travelmasters, which turned up on time. We did have a problem though with the taxi, in that now British airways has changed its baggage rules we had 2 bike bags and 4 holdalls , instead of what we normally used to take which was 2 bike bags and 2 suitcases - so we needed a lot of room but although the car was an estate the rear seats had a parcel shelf attached to them which meant the rear seats could not be dropped individually. This meant that Clare had to perch on the dropped rear seat backs all the way to Heathrow.

Mountain Bike Packing - Click to Enlarge

The journey to the airport was fairly uneventful , although the driver was a very colorful individual, with many tall tales to tell, and we got to the airport on time, at the airport we had a nice surprise when Clare got upgraded to Business Class because she is a silver club card holder, I didn't get an upgrade at the check in desk, but the check in lady said she would put a note on the system, to see if i could get an upgrade when we boarded the plane. We had never had upgrades before, and I think we got the upgrade because I had booked the flights separately, as Clare was going to fly home earlier, and instead of my non silver status dragging Clare down she got an upgrade.

The plane departure was delayed by 2 hrs, but I lucked out when I checked in to board flight BA49 as I also got upgraded, Clare was on the upper deck and me on the lower deck, but as we were in Business class we did not mind.

After a comfortable flight we arrived at Seattle airport at 18:30 we collected our bags and got through customs with no problems, the baggage situation as a bit odd as after we cleared customs we had to put our bags on another conveyer belt and then catch a mono rail shuttle to the way out of the airport.

Seattle Airport - Click to Enlarge

We then headed over to rental car counter - where I discovered that i didn't have a reservation number on the print out I had for the car hire, they guy behind the counter couldn't find my reservation either, so he said he'd do us a good deal on a fresh reservation, unfortunately for me being so tied after the long flight I didn't notice he had done a reservation which charged us per mile - I got this sorted out in Denver but even so the car rental ended up costing a lot more than it should have done. Always double check that you have your car rental details before your fly out on holiday !!!

The SUV we got was a very basic Chevy Trailblazer - it didnt even have a trip computer, but it had plenty of space for all our lugguage.

Driving route Seattle to Sequim - Click to Enlarge

We then drove to Sequim via Tacoma & Bremerton, unfortunately it was dark so we couldnt see much as we drove along the route, we arrived at Quality Inn & Suites at 22:30, we checked into a room on the 2nd floor, which was above the reception area - but was it was nice and quiet, I then unpacked the bikes and put them back together before we went to sleep.

Quality Inn & Suites  Sequim - Click to Enlarge