Day 22 - Salida -> Denver (Driving Day)


I did the last of my packing and padlocked all my bags and even locked them together in case I had to leave the car unattended and then drove to Denver, the route I took was 166 miles long, there were lot of traffic police along the route, busy stopping people so I had to keep my speed down.

Route from Salida to Denver - Click to Enlarge

I stopped at the Border's book store near cherry creek, and used the rest room and bought a drink, before heading over to Performance bikes, where I bought a few more bike bit's before I went home. After buying the stuff I went to put the new purchases in my bag and discovered I didn't have the keys !! to the locks, I'd left them back in Salida.

I tried to get the bike shop to lend me some bolt cutters but the woman manager wouldn't let the workshop guys lend them to me, so I had to go to a nearby hardware store and buy a hacksaw and cut through all my locks. One of the Performance guys who had come out of the store to help a customer did help me by holding the cable locks whilst I cut though them.

I then went to a target and bought replacement locks for my bags, then drove to the airport, parked in the short term car park and checked in for my flight.

Then I drove over to the Alamo rental area, where the next thing to go wrong for me happened. When I went to drop the SUV off the Alamo guy said to me you could have bought a car for that price. It turned out that the Rental office in Seattle had set me up with a contract based on mileage - The Manager was quite helpful at Alamo, and managed to get the price down a lot, although it was still much more than I would have paid, if I hadn't of messed up my original booking.

Denver Airport Short term parking - Click to Enlarge
Denver Airport - Click to Enlarge Denver Airport - Click to Enlarge Panda Express meal - Click to Enlarge

I then caught the bus back to airport, and went through airport security, I then bought my dinner from Panada Express and watched TV on my laptop, until the flight was ready. The Flight home was uneventful, and I met Clare at the airport before heading home.

It had been another brilliant holiday.

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