Day 1 - Heathrow to Denver


My flight to Denver departed from London at 15.45 , so after packing the car with my bags we left home at around 12.00 to make sure we would get to Heathrow airport T5 on time with out getting stuck in traffic on the M25 motorway , the traffic was quite heavy on the M25 but because we had set off early we got to the airport on time.


I was stopped going through the airport security and had my hand luggage searched probably due to all the electrical gadgets I had in my bags, and then just before i boarded the plane i was searched again by USA TSA security screening.

I flew to Denver on British airways flight BA219 , the flight to Denver was pretty smooth although the seat I had was in a very warm spot in the plane with not much airflow, and as it was on the isle by the curtain to the other compartment I kept getting knocked by people going by, if you book a flight on the same plane don't sit in 14G.
On arriving at Denver I got through Immigration quite quickly and my bags came through at luggage claim without much delay. One bad thing about flying to Denver with British airways is you arrive late in the day around 18:30 which means by the time you hit the road its getting dark. As you can see in photo there was a pretty nice sunset starting as I arrived in Denver.
I then took the shuttle to the car rental depot, and picked a SUV. They had run out of standard SUV's so I got a free upgrade to a Dodge Journey SUV, which had loads of room for my bike and bags, plus nice features like refrigerated compartments in the floors and satellite radio.
I then drove to my hotel The Hampton Inn & Suites at Cherry Creek which I got to at about 19.45, after checking in to a good king size suite on the 4th floor , I reassembled my bike , it had survived the journey in the hold with no damage.


I then headed out to look for somewhere to buy grocery's, I found a Super Target near to the hotel and bought food for the next couple days , along with a a stash of energy bars for eating on the trail.

I finally got into bed at Midnight. The pillow top bed was really comfortable but even so I woke up a few times in the night with a very dry throat due to the dry air at altitude.

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