Day 15 - Zion Narrows Day 2, UT

After a fairly restless nights sleep I got up at first light , it was fairly cold when we got up as the sun hadn't risen high enough to shine down into the deep canyon. Rick and his Brother cooked up some hash browns on their portable stoves. We then packed up our gear and headed down the river again.
The hike was harder than the previous day as the water was deeper, and fairly murky so you couldn't see what you were stepping on.
At about the 11 mile mark we came to Big Springs, around this point in the hike I slipped and my camera got soaked (As I'd put it in my shorts pocket). It still seem 'd to be working but the display wouldn't show anything so the rest of the pictures I took were taken blind, as the camera does not have a manual view finder.
From the Big spring the water was deeper and faster flowing , with more big rocks hidden under the water.
The next section of the narrows is known as Wall Street, as the canyon walls go up so high and are fairly close together.
We started to come across day hikers heading up the canyon at this point in the hike. If I was to come here again I would either do the hike as a day hike from the top or as and up and back like the the people we were meeting - as I don't get on with camping 8-)
As we got closer to the end of the hike the canyon started to widen up again, and it got quite warm. There were loads of people walking up from the bottom now.
We reached the end of the hike after 15 miles at the gateway to the narrows, the we squelched along the last mile of the paved path to the bus stop. Where I dived straight into the rest room to relieve my self as I'd been holding in a number 2 for the last few hours - not wanting to have to poop in a bag in the canyon.
The narrows hike had been a great experience. The Neoprene socks and gaiters had worked really well with my feet never feeling too cold, and I didn't even get any blisters , which I was expecting to get as I hardly every do any long hikes. We caught the bus shuttle back to the visitors centre and then Rick drove us down to Springdale where we went stopped off at Zion Cycles and I bought some Fox seal kits, and we also bought some candy at a candy store across the road. We then drove back to St George and got cleaned up.

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After getting cleaned up we went to a nice restaurant in St George which was called Haven Great American Cuisine

I had some great mini burgers called sliders as a starter , and then for my main course had Citrus Shrimp and then for desert we had a plate of sugar fried doughnuts. The food was really good.

After we had eaten we then drove up to Pioneer park which is high above St George - I tried to get through the crack and failed being too fat !!!, we then walked up on top of of some slick rock and saw a Rodeo way in the distance in St George, which had an Apache Helicopter gun ship flying around it.

It was really warm outside.


From Pioneer park Rick & Cathy then took me 10 pin bowling - something I'd always wanted to try. This was great fun - I managed to fall over once while throwing my bowling ball. It was nice of them to take me to do this as I don't think 10 pin bowling was the sort of thing Rick & Cathy would normally do in the evening. From the bowling we went and had frozen yogurt before heading back to their place, where I had a great nights sleep in a real bed.

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