Day 17 - Brian Head Mountain Bike Ride,

Sydney Peaks Trail, Right & Left Fork Bunker Creek, Dark Hollow, Scout Camp Loop - UT

As the temperature down in St george was going to be over 100f again, I decided to head back to Brian head for some more cool high altitude Mountain Biking.
When I arrived I Brian head I found the Bike Park Shuttle was not running , so I headed up to George's Ski Hut. He wasn't running his shuttle , but then said if I'd help him move a heavy cooker out the back of his truck which they had been using for the Oktoberfest he would give me a free shuttle to the top of the mountain. So I helped him move the cooker, then his mother gave me a lift to the top of the Mountain, there wouldn't be a lift back, so I had to plan a route which would get me back to the car at George's ski hut.
I started riding at about mid-day , It was a lot windier than the day before and there were clouds racing across the sky, but it wasn't that cold. I rode along the trail to the Dark Hollow turning. With the wind behind me the trail was a blast.
From the Dark Hollow turn I decided to continue on the the Left Fork of Bunker Creek trail and and then ride back up the right fork trail.
With the wind behind me I arrived at the Left Fork of Bunker Creek turning at around 13:00. I decided to head down it and then ride back up the Right Fork.
As I'd taken a lot of pictures the day before I didn't stop to take many pictures going down the trail, Unfortunately this meant when I found I'd dropped my Velbon tripod I had to backtrack a long way back up the trail to find it. I found it in this meadow lying in one of the few bits of water on the trail.
When I reached the end of the Left Fork trail at about 14:00, I rode up the Right Fork Trail. I did have to push my bike at times as the combination of altitude, steepness and looseness of the trail made it too hard to ride.
The trail would definitely be a great screaming fast descent if ridden the other way, its a lot smoother than the Left fork trail. Once I had climbed back up the trail getting back to the start at about 15:10 I back tracked along the Sydney Peaks trail, at times the going was tough with the wind blowing in my face as I rode back up the hills.
I started my Descent down dark hollow at around 16:00.
After a lot of fun descending I connected onto the scout camp loop and turned left onto the Hendrickson lake trail and rode past Hendrickson Lake. There were a few cows wandering around here.
From the lake you ride smooth single track traversing along aspen covered slopes, until you break out into a broad meadow, where the thunder ridge boy scout camp is - here the trail disappeared due to loads of piles of earth where much digging had been going on around the camp. The trail then climbed fairly steeply up old dirt roads up to a Meadow with some old log cabins in it.

There's some more single track along mosquito alley and then you have to climb up dirt roads to the road near the Brian Head visitor centre. From there I rode back up the road back to the SUV at Georges Ski Hut.

The climb back up the road wasn't much fun - but at least the road was very quite.

Along the way I passed where we had done our right hand shuttle from the day before.

I got back to the SUV at 18:00 having ridden about 23.54 miles. I had climbed 3503 ft and descended 4668 ft,. Today's riding had been pretty tough, but I had enjoyed riding at altitude in the Aspen again. As I finished packing up I though I saw Johanna's SUV drive past, so when I finished packing up I drove down the road and saw she had parked at a mexican restaurant I went in and said hello (She probably thought I was a stalker 8-) ).

She had ridden over at thunder mountain but had decided to come back to ride at Brian Head as she also liked the riding here a lot.

I downloaded the photos I had taken of her the previous day onto her laptop, I couldn't stop for dinner with her as I had to get back to St george to have dinner with Rick and Cathy.

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I drove back to St george via the Cedar Breaks National Monument and stopped and took a few pictures at some of the view points along the way. Luckily for me it was late so I didn't have to pay the entry fee for the park.
Back in St George I went to a Mexican restaurant in St George with Rick and Cathy, the food was only OK, and took ages to be served to us. After that we went to a Costco so I could buy a few things. Then we went back to Rick's house and I prepared my gear ready for going to ride the Rainbow Rim trail en-route to Flagstaff the following day.


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