Day 2 - Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass and back via Jefferson trail Mountain bike Ride (CO)


I got up at 8.00am today and grabbed some breakfast from the free breakfast buffet at the Hotel, I then got in touch with someone i'd ridden with before who said they would be able to ride with me on Monday if I stayed in the Denver area, so I extended my stay by 1 night. I then packed my gear ready for doing my first ride. I had decided to throw caution to the wind and do a very high ride as my first ride as the weather was looking good.

I stopped off at a Performance bikes store in Denver and bought Gu , Powerbars, Lube and some cycle clothing before driving to kenosha Pass it was quite a long drive to the trail head about 62 miles that took about 1hr 20 minutes to drive to from my Hotel. My original plan had been to do this ride and to then stay in Breckenridge, but instead I would do this ride and then go back to Denver.
There were loads of vehicles with bike racks etc parked at the trail head as I arrived there at around mid day. I unpacked my bike and headed off up the trail at around 12.30 which climbed through an aspen forest. My lungs felt like they were burning inside as I rode on up the hill as they were not used to the high altitude , the trail started at 9967ft. There were quite a few hikers on the trail who were all friendly , and I met a quite a few bikers heading back to the start of the trail. After about 1.5 miles the trail dropped down towards South Park.
On the way out I didn't stop to take too many pictures as I was concerned that I may run out of daylight or that the weather may turn. I passed the tuning for the Jefferson trail which I would come back down on and continued along the Colorado Trail.
I had some problems with my gears as I climbed up the 2nd hill , and found my gear cable and slipped on my rear mech. I tightened this up and continued to slog up the hill , although I was huffing and panting a lot I was able ride up the hills without having to get off and push.

Eventually after a lot of up hill riding through the pine woods , the trail broke out above the tree line, and there were great views. I only saw one other group of riders from this point on and had the trail to my self.

As you can see in my pictures above the tree line the trail traversed across alpine meadows heading towards georgia Pass, and was a nice smooth narrow singletrack path.
I reached the Junction of the Jefferson Trail and continued on up through the meadows towards the high point of the ride, here the trail had become washed out in places, and the riding was quite rough on the grass. It was also quite windy , but still warm enough for shorts and short sleeves.
At the high point of the ride 11880ft I stopped and had a breather , after getting up too quickly I felt quite sick and had to stay still for a while until the sick feeling went away, I then decided to carry on past the high point to see what the trail was like further on.
The singletrack was nice and narrow and dropped down over a jeep road , I had to force my self to stop and turn around though, and I rode back up the trail and then down to the Jefferson trail turning. Next time I will have to try an sort out a shuttle to be able to ride the trail all the way to Frisco.
The Jefferson trail dropped round the edge of an alpine meadow bowl, before the singletrack switch backed downwards through the pine. There were a couple of big trees down across the trail, but other than that the trail was great fun (I wouldn't have liked to ride up this way though, as the down hill gradient was quite steep in places). The trail was much narrower than the colorado trail.
The Jefferson trail followed the course of a stream, and it also crossed other streams along its way, in a couple of spots it looked like if it was wet the trail would be quite boggy. But on my trip it was all nice and dry and fast. After riding through a fairly big camp ground I rejoined the Colorado Trail, and started to climb upwards again.
I really enjoyed riding the sections of the trail through the Aspen which were just starting to turn. As the sun started to get lower in the sky the quality of the light and the views were great.
Looking back the where I'd just been the setting sun looked amazing.
The last two hills on the way back weren't too bad apart from one where I did some hike a bike as it was too steep and rooty for me to get back up it riding.

The final descent down through the Aspens to the trail head was hoot, as there were no other trail users to slow down for I zoomed back down to the trail head. I got back to the trail head at around 19:40 just as it was starting to get dark, after being out on the trail for about 7 hours. My cycle computer said I'd done 24.97 miles (Including backwards and forward for staged photos).

According to my GPS track in Topo I'd climbed 4079ft and descended 4079ft

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I packed and headed back into Denver , I try' d to find a Baja Fresh using my GPS , but couldn't find it, so ended up having a scenic tour of Denver by night. So instead I went to a Whole Foods Market and brought some Hot Clam Chowder, A Giant Chicken Burrito and some cheese cake. I ate the soup and burrito in the SUV both of which were excellent before heading back to the Hotel.
After having a shower I had my Cheesecake , and then found out my Denver contact couldn't ride on Monday, so I decided to go and ride over at Winter Park instead on Monday.

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