Day 22 - Fly Home

Phoenix - Heathrow


Well all good things must come to an end, after Rockman cooked up some tasty breakfast, I packed the rest of my gear up. And then hit the road. Rockman's home has been a great place to stay.

I headed straight down the I17 to Phoenix , On the way down I stopped off at Happy Valley Mall and went to a Sports Chalet there to buy some things my wife wanted and to buy some more Camalbak elixir. I also went to a WalMart and bought my self an external HD. It was damn hot in Phoenix the hottest temperature my ar said was 111f although the picture i took was when it was 109f.

I was very glad that Rockman had let me stay the night at his place the night before as Phoneix would not have been a good plalce to be the day before, unlike Flagstaff which had been perfect.

In Phoenix I did some shopping at REI, Performance bikes , target etc while killing time before catching my flight home. I then drove to the short term car parking at the airport and went to check in , it was so hot in the car park as I fiddled around with my bags making sure they all weighed 23kg that I was dripping with sweat. Once in the airport I went and washed myself in the restrooms, before changing into some cleaner cloths. I then checked in for my flight home.

I then drove to the car rental depot and dropped of my car. From the Depot I caught a shuttle bus back to the airport, went through security and waited for flight home. The flight home was fairly uneventful.


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