Day 3 - Winter Park MTB Park- Mountain bike ride (CO)

I had breakfast and packed up all my gear and loaded the car, The Hampton Inn had been a very comfortable quite place to stay, and I'd stay here again next the time I visit Denver.
After I had checked out of the Hotel, I drove over to the Denver REI and had a look round to see if there was anything worth buying in the Labour Day sale, and bought myself some Smith Pivot lock sun glasses, before driving on to Winter Park.
I arrived at Winter park at around 12.15 , if was very windy and quite cold. So I had to wear warmer clothes than on the day before. There was a down hill MTB race going on at Winter Park, but that wasn't affecting the upper trails that i wanted to ride. I bought a 1/2 day lift ticket for $24 which meant I had to wait until 13:00 before catching the lift. I seem 'd to be the only person there without a full down hill rig.
I took the Zephyr express lift up to about 10700 ft and then rode up the singletrack trails at the top of the trail system.
Unfortunately the trails were not as good as I remembered them from a trip I hade made 7 years ago , the trails were quite wide and bumpy. The views in places were nice. There were a few sections of nice singletrack but nothing as good as what i'd ridden the previous day.
I rode up to Upper roof of the rockies , around fantasy meadow, and then down lower roof of the rockies, down green world and down lonesome whistle and then back up the Olympa Lift. The Down hill sections weren't too much fun on my bike, as they had been designed for full on downhill bikes.
From the top of the Olympia lift I headed down shy ann , and then down Long trail the Long trail was actually quite good fun even on my non down hill bike.
. I found a fun easy elevated trail on the way down and and eventually rode back to bottom of the Zephyr lift, yet again the down hill trails were not that great on my non down hill rig, wide dusty and rough
I had these trails pretty much to myself as no one else was riding up the trails.
I caught the lift back up again and rode up the lost trail back to the upper trails, and rode around on some ok singletrack trails. I had the trails pretty much to myself at the top as no one else was riding up hill.
The last time we has visited the lifts had not been working so we had ridden up to the top , also back then the winter park trails had been more xc orientated, so that's probably why I remember if being better the last time we visited.
I headed over to the Icarus trail and went out and back on it, this was a good trail with very good views.
I then headed right back the mountain on the free speech trail, which had some fun sections of trail along with some north shore, and then connected onto the Cherokee trail, and left the bike park.


I then had a lot of fun riding the singletrack outside of the bike park riding cherokee, Serenity and ice hill trails.

These trails made me which i'd ridden the Tipperary Creek Loop instead of the bike park.


I then rode back along side the rail way line back to where I'd parked the SUV. In total I'd ridden 24.96 miles today and finished riding at about 18:30.

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I headed to Frisco to see if I could get a room at the Frisco Lodge where I had stayed before , but they only had rooms with very old squeaky beds available - so Instead I drove to the Copper Mountain Ski resort, and checked into a very nice king size hotel room there instead. It was quite late now so I just ate some snacks I had with me and then got some sleep.

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