Day 5 - Hartman Rocks trails

Gunnison (CO)

I woke up to find it has stopped raining, but looking up at the mountains it was obvious that riding the Monarch Crest today would not be a good idea. I grabbed some milk for my cereals from the rather dodgy breakfast buffet, and then packed up my gear. I'd had a good nights sleep in my room But if you stay here make sure you go in one of the upper floor rooms away from the main road, and take earplugs as you can hear water gushing through the building from other rooms.

I then set off driving to Tom & Courtney's Home in Gunnison, Tom had very kindly invited me to stay with them while I riding around Gunnison, after he'd used my web site to help planning for one of his own trips.

As I drove up Monarch Pass the cloud was down and it was quite cold and wet.

The weather got better as I got closer to Gunnison.

After arriving at Tom and Courtney's after I'd unpacked and got to know them better, Tom drove me over to Hartman Rocks in his Truck. It was cloudy all around Gunnison , but the rain was holding off. We parked at the McCabe's trail head and set off up McCabe's to Dave Moes at around mid-day
I'd not ridden over on this part of Hartman rocks before, the trails were in great shape , nice and tacky after the recent rain.
The riding here goes up to around 8250 ft, so I struggled to keep up with Tom on some of the longer up hill sections of the trail.
The enchanted forest section of the trail was pretty cool, as it wound up through big rocks and aspen trees, from the enchanted forest we headed along the Outback trail.
The outback trail as with most of the trails at Hartman Rocks , has some great rocky sections.
From Outback we headed north along Backin , and then along the Skyline trail, which was nice and fast with a quite a few wiggles in the trail.
From the Skyline trail we connected the Rocky Ridge trail and rode up it (I prefer this trail the other way), and then we went along the behind the rocks trail
From behind the rocks we rode along the Alonzo's trail, and unluckily for us it started to rain. After putting on waterproof jackets we carried on along the trail, heading along Fenceline. As the rain was starting to get heavy and there was some thunder, Tom decided we should take a direct route back to the truck.
I almost crashed as we headed down a steep double track back towards the truck, but managed to recover just in time. We then loaded up the bikes at around 2.45pm and headed back to Tom's place. It has been a shame that the rain had come , as I really enjoyed the riding with Tom at Hartman rocks. We rode about 15 miles.

Hartman Rocks Morning Ride Profile

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By 5pm the weather had cleared up, So I headed back out to Hartman rocks on my own as Tom had to catch up on some work. I parked up at the Base Area Main Entrance and headed up Kill hill.
As you can see in my pictures it was very clear , after the rain had blown through. There were a couple of little puddles and a few soft spots, but it appeared that Hartman rocks trails dry' d out very quickly.
The first trail I rode was Rocky Ridge , other way to which we had ridden it in the morning, and after the initial climb up, it was a fun blast down on the rocky bits. I then headed down the Luge another great trail which heads downwards through lots of banked turns, then I rode along fence line again, and then cut off along the Gateway trail, which had a few cool rocky features along its length like the one in this picture.
From the gateway trail I headed back up the Luge and then rode along the Sea of Sage trail. As the sun was starting to go down I decided to head down Rattle Snake.
The Rattle Snake trail was the most technical trail I'd ridden in Hartman's rocks so far, and had some great rocky features along its path. In total including the morning ride I rode 27.89 miles today. I then headed back to Tom and Courtney's house and Courtney made some really tasty Home Made Pizza for me.

Hartman Rocks Afternoon Ride Map

Hartman Rocks Afternoon ride profile

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