Arizona - Nevada - Utah - Colorado Spring 2008


As we were having a pretty grim winter in the UK, I hadn't been riding my MTB much so i'd been piling on the pounds sat at my desk job, so I decided to book up flights for another trip mountain biking in America in the spring. In the lead up to the holiday I spent a lot of time sat on a turbo trainer in the garage to get ready for the trip.

I decided to revisit some states that I'd ridden before to make planning the holiday easier. But also made the effort to go ride in some places I'd not ridden before.

Out of all the rides I did on the holiday the ride I did at Pima & Dynamite was the most fun overall - I just cant get enough of those swoopy fast singletrack trails with large cactus and rocks everywhere. The most scenic riding was in Sedona, the toughest ride I did was the BCT trail - due to the heat and long climbs, and the longest ride I did was the Grand Traverse over near Fruita.

I covered 1937 miles in total driving through through the following states Arizona, Nevada, Utah & Colorado. Although none of the drives were too long, I was exhausted at the end of the trip, with the non stop biking and driving.

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I booked up a direct flight to Phoenix and a return flight from Denver with British Airways from London Heathrow, and booked up a SUV from Alamo.

The MTB guide books that we used for this holiday are listed below

1) Fruita Fat Tire Guidebook (ISBN 0-9700855-1-6)

2) Mountain Biking Grand Junction and Fruita (ISBN : 0-7627-1226-0)

3) Cosmic Rays Fat Tire trail Guide (ISBN : 0-9664769-6-4)

As well as the books I used a lot of web sites to find information about where to ride, and got loads of useful advise from local riders using the regional forums on

To read more about this holiday click on each day in the left pane, where we have recorded what I got up to on each day.

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Note : Where my GPS worked I have included the tracklogs from my Garmin GPS - But these logs are unedited and included where I wentwrong etc , so use at your own risk 8-)

Check out the Holiday Links page for details of useful sites I used for this holiday, You can download the GPS way points I used to navigate by in the SUV email me fow waypoints here