Day 2 - Boulder

We decided to take it easy on our first day having read dire warnings about altitude sickness. You could feel the difference in the altitude compared to back home at sea level. But in hind site we should have just got out and gone riding properly, as its was not that bad. We had breakfast at the Hotel and then walked to Performance bikes where we bought Powerbars, saddles tyres and maps.

We dropped the shopping off at Hotel and then headed into the center of town and had a walk around the Pearl St Mall. We had lunch at a roof top restaurant, with a view of the Flat Irons. We then headed back to the Hotel and drove to a Target where we stocked up on provisions, and then returned to the Hotel where I put the bikes together, we then went for a ride along the Boulder Creek bike path up into the foothills.

In the evening we ordered a take away Pizza as Clare was too tired to go out.

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