Day 7 - Vail Mountain Biking

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Clare rejoined her mountain bike group, and they spent the morning riding on the north side of the valley. They rode the Lost lake trail, then the North trail, where they practiced riding up steep trails, switch backs and down hills

I also went riding on the North side as well to ride the Lost lake trail , I rode up FS #786 , along the way I met some locals who were doing the same ride, so I tagged along with them for the rest of the ride. Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge The trail was mainly singletrack, with a couple of dirt road sections hooking it all together. I managed to pull my back muscles even more on one section of singletrack - which meant I was in a lot of pain, But as we were a long way from the end of the trail I had to grit my teeth and bear it as we carried on. Click to Enlarge
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Click to Enlarge At one point as the trail dropped down to Buffer Creek it went through the aspen, unfortunately I wasn't abel to take more photos as the group I was with were riding fairly fast. Click to Enlarge
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The descent down the Buffer Creek trail, was great very steep narrow trail with tight switchbacks. Asides from my back problems the ride had been great and by the time I got back to the condo I'd covered 22 miles.

In the evening I had a massage at Heaven Massage , but although the massage was very good - I was told I'd need to see a Chiropractor to sort out my lower back that was in a severe muscle spasm.

In the evening we had a great meal at Lancelot Restaurant the prime rid was fantastic.

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