Day 1 - Colorado & Utah & Arizona 2006 - London -> Denver

As the flight was quite late in the day I didn't have to rush around that much in the morning, I did the last of my packing, then we loaded all of my luggage in the car. We then drove Heathrow airport arriving at 12:15 to check in for BA219 departing at 15:45 to Denver airport, I had used on line check the day before and already had my ticket, so when I arrived I just dropped my suitcase and bike off at fast bag drop area, it only took 5 minutes to get that sorted out.

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There were very long queues to go through security, and I was selected to have a full body scan with one of the new scanning machines. I was told the machine emitted less radiation than I would experience in 10 minutes whilst flying in the air so agreed to be scanned. They showed me the images once the scan was taken - the scan is not very flattering (I made a mental note to myself that i should go on a diet and loose the spare tyre after seeing the scan results)

I then hung around Terminal 4 until the flight was ready to board, English airports really suck in that they are smelly (they allow smoking in open areas) and have no good places to eat. After hunting around for something remotely edible and not totally overpriced I had to settle on a Hot Chocolate and a Chicken Pannia from A Costo Coffee shop, which cost me £9.00 don't you just love rip-off Britain.

The flight to Denver went well, with hardly any turbulence. I was able to use the power supply in seat to power my laptop, and started to prepare the empty shell for my trip report web site. I also watched a load of TV shows i'd downloaded off the internet.

The flight arrived in Denver, and as there is a quite a long walk from the plane to customs I got there before most of the other passengers and didn't have to queue for immigration checks, then I waited from my bike and suitcase to arrive. Which came out very quickly.

I then caught the Alamo bus to the Alamo depot. Alamo had a new arrangement for renting cars, they just tell you to go out a find a vehicle in the class you have rented that you like rather than telling you which car to have. I found a low mileage Jeep Grand Cherokee, and then hit the road. I was suprised at how warm it was in Denver the car was saying that it was 75f at night. Very different to the last time we visted in October 2004.

It was 8.20pm when I left the depot and was getting dark, I used my GPS to plot a route to the nearest Performance bikes so I could go and buy some essentials for the trip like power bars & inner tubes.

Unfortunately I got stuck on the highway due to an accident and got to the Performance bikes shop at 8.55pm, so have to run around the store grabbing things, as they wanted to close at 9.00pm which was shame as I would have liked to have had a longer browse.

I then headed to the Hotel and stopped at a Wild Oats store to buy provisions fro the Holiday.

Click to Enlarge I then checked into my room at the Hampton Inn, room was very nice, with a large king size bed. I then reassembled my bike, phoned home and feeling very tired went to bed at 00:30am.