Day 11 - Mt Elden Mountain Bike Trails (Flagstaff)

Mt Elden MTB Trails, Buffalo Park -> Lower Oldham -> Elden Lookout road -> Sunset -> Schultz Creek -> Rocky Ridge -> Lower Oldham Mountain bike ride

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Click to Enlarge Woke up to a beautiful sunny day, checked the internet and found that a local rider had responded to a ride hook up post I had posted on MTBR. So I had to dash around and get my stuff ready for the ride pretty quickly. Once I had done that I drove over to Buffalo park to meet up with him. The temperature was about 75f as we set off, and we started at an elevation of approx 7000ft.

After a bit of faffing around on my part changing my flat tire from the night before we headed off through Buffalo park, and down the lower Oldham trail, we took the left hand fork of the trail, as the right fork was apparently a lot steeper and harder to ride. After a fun ride on the trail which went up and down, but mainly up we ended up at the Elden Lookout road.

We then turned right on this and rode it all the way to the top, going right up to the Mount Elden lookout tower at 9300 ft. While riding with Frank there were not many opportunities to stop and take pictures as he was quite relentless with his riding.

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Click to Enlarge We climbed the stairs to the watch tower and munched some food and took in the great views, there was a guy in the watchtower looking out for fires and he invited us in out of the cold. Once we had finished looking at the views and talking to the the watcher we headed back to the Sunset Trail. Click to Enlarge
The sunset trail seemed at lot rocky than when I had rode it last december, and I was very slow getting down it compared to the local rider. We stopped at the junction with the heart trail to make adjustments to out bikes, and then descended all the way down the Sunset trail. The trail itself was all dry and quite a blast. Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge There was a little bit of mud on the upper part of the Schultz creek trail, but other than that the trail was a blast. Great fun zipping down to the the end of the trail. Frank parted company with me at this point. As he had to go and do chores , and also he was going to be doing some professional mtb guiding down in Sedona the next day, so wanted to keep his legs fresh.
Click to Enlarge I then rode up the rocky ridge trail, this trails quite tough riding this was as its mainly uphill, with plenty of little rocks in the trail to keep things interesting. Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge I rode the rocky ridge trail all the way to the start of the lower Oldham trail, which I then started to ride back up. I took the left fork as I had not ridden that part of the trail before, and could see why we didn't ride that way on the way out, quite a few steep long ups and downs that way. Click to Enlarge

With one last climb up the Lower Oldham trail I arrived back at Buffalo Park. With an early finish for me at about 2:00PM.

In total I rode 23 miles today but the riding was quite tough due to the extended climb to to 9300ft

I then put the the bike in the car, then went into Flagstaff to buy a new inner tube. Then headed back to the Hotel and did some major updates to the Website.

Went out for Dinner at an Indian Restaurant called Indian Paradise and had a very good Balti Curry, the portions were Huge (BUT the following day I had an upset stomach). Then I stopped at a Cold Stone creamy at got myself a ice cream malt which was very tasty.

Did some more web site update then went to bed.

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