Colorado & Utah & Arizona 2006 - Day 16 - England

I made the mistake of eating airline food on the plane, and suffered from severe food poisoning.

I was violently sick on the plane twice filling two BA sick bags, and I also had to visit the restrooms rather a lot, as my body attempted to get rid of whatever it didn't like that was inside it.

When the plane got into the UK, I was still feeling ill but managed to collect my bags and get through customs with no problems.

I met up with my SO and we started to drive home, unfortunately on the way home I was sick again, luckily I had some spare sick bags on me.

I was sick one last time as we finally got home, I got out of the car and was promptly sick on the verge.

That was the last time I was sick, but my body keep on emptying it self another way...

I felt really bad and was aching from head to toe, and had to to take the next day off as a sick day from work, before I felt well enough to go back to work.

I'll never eat airline food again 8-(

It was a shame that I had such a bad end to such a great holiday.


Colorado - Utah- Arizona 2006