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Colorado -> Utah -> Arizona Mountain Biking Holiday Spring 2006

As I had to use up some holiday before the end of May, I decided to do another mountain biking holiday in the states. And get fit ready for the summer in the UK.

I decided to bike in three states this time Colorado, Utah and Arizona to experience a wide variety of riding terrain.

I flew into Denver and from there drove to Grand Junction and rode the trails there and at Fruita, then I drove to St George in Utah and rode the trails there, from there I drove to Flagstaff in Arizona and finally I drove to Phoenix and rode there once and then headed home.

In total I drove a total of 2088 miles on the journey.

And I rode about 350 miles on my Mountain Bike

The holiday was brilliant I was able to ride every day of the holiday asides from the day's I arrived and left, unlike my last holiday to Arizona in Holiday it was nice and hot every day.

Only downside to this holiday was I had two fairly major crashes, and both times I did a fair bit of damage to myself, and this meant I couldnt use the pools or hot-tubs where I stayed in case of infection 8-(

I booked up a direct flight to Denver and a return from Phoenix with British Airways from London Heathrow, an SUV from Alamo (who had the cheapest one way drop off fee), and I also pre-booked all my hotels prior to flying out.

I pre-booked my hotels this time as compared to when I last went to the states in December, as the hotels all seemed a lot fuller when I had a search for what was available, so to make sure I had good places to stay I booked in advance.

The guide books that I used for this holiday are listed below

1) Cosmic Rays Arizona Mountain Bike Guide (ISBN : 0-9664769-6-4)

2) Mountain Bike America - Arizona (ISBN : 0-7627-124-4)

3) Lonely Planet Southwest (ISBN : 0-86442-539-2)

4) Fruita Fat Tire guidebook (ISBN 0-9700855-1-6)

To read more about this holiday click on each day in the left pane, where I have recorded what I got up to on each day, with ride descriptions and pictures.

Check out my Holiday Links page for details of useful sites I used for this holiday