Day 18 - Crested Butte , Rained Out


As it looked like it could rain at any moment in Crested Butte so we down to Gunnison to ride at Hartman Rocks.

Unfortunately for us just as we got our bikes out of the SUV it started to rain heavily, along with thunder and lightning.

So instead of riding our bikes we drove along some of the 4x4 trails, and watched the lighting strikes around us.

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We then headed into Gunnison and had a drink a cafe where we decided that we had to leave Colorado and head to somewhere where it would be warmer.

We headed back to Crested Butte and booked up a place to stay in Moab at Rim Village, a place we had stayed at before on previous holidays.

In the evening we had dinner at the Last Steep restaurant which was pretty good.

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