Day 4 - Boulder -> Estes Park - Twin owls Hiking Trail

The weather turned for the worse in the night, and when we woke it was raining and cold outside. We did some shopping in Boulder stopping off at the REI, Boulder running company, Circuit city and the Wholefoods market where we had lunch again.

We then drove to Estes Park where we checked into RiverView Pines, as we arrived it started to snow. Whilst not being top notch accommodation the room we had was ok, and we had good views of the river and mountains out of the window.

Twin Owls trail We drove over to the Twin Owls trail head, and then hiked up to Gem Lake Twin Owls trail
Twin Owls trail Gem lake Twin Owls trail Gem lake Twin Owls trail Gem lake
Twin Owls trail It was quite cold and was snowing on and off as we hiked along. Hiking was harder than normal as we were still not used to the thin air. Twin Owls trail
Twin Owls trail The hike was fairly short only about 3 miles, when we got back to the car we drove over the the Mexican restaurant Grumpy Gringos were we had a very good meal. That night Clare suffered from altitude sickness, and was quite sick for most of the night. Twin Owls trail