Arizona - Nevada - Utah - Colorado - New Mexico - Arizona MTB Trip - Spring 2009


In January I noticed that British airways were having a half price air miles sale. So I decided to see what flights were available, I found that I could get a return flight to phoenix at the end of april. So to get away from the lovely english climate i.e. cold & wet. I booked a flight to Phoenix to get out to the USA and enjoy some desert riding and meet up with some friends I have out in the states.

I did some great rides on my trip, below is a map of where I rode. I planned my rides in advance before I flew out, and made sure that I would ride in some places I'd not been to before.

The new places I rode were

Monolith Garden New Mexico
Slick Rock Swamp Utah
Western Rim trail Colorado
Phils World / Sandcanyon Colorado
High Desert Trail/ Zuni Mtn New Mexico

There were a couple of very long drives which were not much fun, and on one of the drives from Fruita to New Mexico I got stopped by highway patrol as I headed through Moab for speeding 8-(. But I at last I did get to ride in some fantastic locations.

The SUV I had was a ford edge which was drove just like a normal car In total I drove 2175 miles on this trip, and visited 5 US states.

USA Spring 2009 route

The MTB guide books that I used for this holiday are listed below

1) Fruita Fat Tire Guidebook (ISBN 0-9700855-1-6)

2) Mountain Biking Grand Junction and Fruita (ISBN : 0-7627-1226-0)

3) Cosmic Rays Fat Tire trail Guide (ISBN : 0-9664769-6-4)

As well as the books I used a lot of web sites to find information about where to ride, and got advise from local riders using the regional forums on

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