Day 15 : Flagstaff - Fruita - England



In the morning I said goodbye to Tomas and Heather as they both had to go to work, then I finished packing my bike up.
Their cat almost ended up in my luggage as I packed up my normal bags

Once I was packed up I went out to a couple supermarkets to buy things we don't have in the Uk that we like. Then I headed back to Tomas place picked up my stuff and locked up his house and headed down to Phoenix, the drive to Phoenix is about 147 miles, and is fairly quick.

I drove to the airport and parked in the short term car park and checked in for my flight which was delayed by an hour.

I went shopping at the REI in Tempe and bought some gifts for my Wife, and some bits for my bike from a performance bikes, before dropping my rental car off and heading to the airport on the shuttle.


I had a good flight back home although as usual i couldn't get to sleep properly even though I had a flat bed. Back in England my bags all came through ok , I met my wife and we drove home.